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Denzel Curry bundles with signed print.

10% discount when subscribing to newsletter.

30 SECONDS TO MARS added several signed Cds to the store but keep in mind that the sigs are very poor, and in my opinion, way overpriced at $50, but if anyone's interested

That's how they've signed Mars stuff forever. Just like ghost ghouls doing symbols and no one complains. You wont get these guys to sign at a show even with VIP. so $50 is more than fair. 

yeah if you're a fan I suppose it may be worth it, I've only bought their one Cd from Newbury and I wasn't happy with getting symbols for $20 so definitely not worth $50 to me, but to each their own 

Leto did a signing with one of the autograph seller websites, and they had to specify in the contract that he would sign somewhat legible, not just the 2 lines he normally signs. But they also charged in the hundreds of dollars range for those. Not sure if they did the signing yet but I was curious what people got with that. Not worth it either way to me though. I'm a fan of some of his movies but not his music. 

PIP MILLETT - When Everything is Better, I'll Let You Know

UK neo-soul singer, basically unknown in the US, releases 21 Oct

CD- 11UKP, LP- 24UKP, both - 32UKP

Pip Millett | The Official Store


KODALINE - Our Roots Run Deep (new live album)

bundles only (boo!) $45-$80, out 14 October

Kodaline Official Store

BROKEN MINDS - CREEPY TERROR SHOW Signed, I think it's a Cd but it just says album, 

the end of the description says "All pre-ordered copies come signed by Broken Minds and will be shipped on September 29th"

Glen Phillips - There Is So Much Here signed Cd or LP (Toad the Wet Sprocket front man)

Bobby Rush - Signed Copies of his book “I Ain’t Studdin’ Ya”


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