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Scream Taker "kill the beautiful" - autographed bundle

The Jackson 5 Christmas Card SIGNED by 4 brothers (only 26 available, with a FREE Jacksons CD)

The Jackson 5 Christmas Card SIGNED on the inside by 4 brothers: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon. guessing no Michael...(haha...what,too soon?!)

Thx KD - other signed items and options, 10UKP less if you can live with 3 sigs instead of 4

The Jackson 5 Christmas Card SIGNED by 3 brothers (with a FREE Jack...

not sure about this one but it says at the bottom of the description that it comes with an autographed guitar pick! I'd like one if it were a signed Cd or even an art card but not interested in picks

Rainbow – Down To Earth Tour 1979 (3 CD Box + Booklet & More!)

Jizzy Pearl - Books

LIVING WITHOUT YOU (SIGNED CD SINGLE) signed by both Sigala & Sam Ryder $3.00 UK only

Brix Smith - Valley Of The Dolls

Willie J Healey - Bunny

Signed LP+£23.99

I'm confused about these Noah Cyruss signed CDs from Amazon UK, I ordered a couple I think about 2 months ago and they were estimated to be here by tomorrow, I got an email from Amazon a while back saying the date was pushed to December but I just noticed that it says December 2023 with an estimated arrival in January of 2024. I'm hoping this is a mistake since the album was released this month and I can't imagine she is going to take 15 months to fulfill the signed part when she posted a video of her signing them already. did anyone else order these?


Yeah, I saw that too. I doubt that's the actual date, but I really have no idea when to expect these.

yeah, I was hoping they just listed the wrong year, if it's 2022 that would make more sense since a 3 month delay seems more likely



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