Randy's Cabin listings and what look to be Stan Lee forgeries

I'm no expert, but looking through some Auctionzip listings this morning and saw what appear to be dozens upon dozens of forged Stan Lee signed comic books being offered by Randy's Cabin Online Auctions...sometimes out of Copley, OH, but known to "operate" out of Chesterfield, OH and Mayfield, OH as well. Examples attached. Recommend buyer authenticate using their own preferred service. This seller used to use AAA COAs until those were exposed, and now seems to be using Guaranteed Authentic Autographs (GAA at www.gaautograph.com) as a third party authenticator. Likely the same folks running AAA from the bare bones look and functionality of the GAA website. Referred the seller to the Ohio Better Business Bureau and state's Attorney General. Doubtful they will do much to track them down, but better to have them on their radars than not.

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As you suspected, NG!


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