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I have only dealt with a handful of Claras in the past couple of decades the formation of the letters here is not her handwriting.

Thanks Pete, I had one exemplar and it looked close. What concerned me was, this is the 2nd Blandick this seller has offered in the last 3 months. The last one sold for over 200.00 and had the same sentiment. As rare as Blandick is for one seller to have 2 would have to be strange. Thanks again for the input.

I found that on eBay, and I believe this is the same seller that had a Burt Mustin on a vintage album page a while back.  I discouraged a very good friend of mine from bidding since something just didn't look quite right.  It was close but something gave me pause which is rare with Mustin.  Without seeing it in person I did not want to say it was forged, but I would not want it in my collection.  I then looked at a couple others that I knew and was not very comfortable with those either.  From scans they have the appearance of looking old the ink I mean.  So this seller I suspect bought either the album or pages.  The starting prices were insanely low that always makes me look it over good too.  I do not know Clara's signature so cannot comment on that.  I always wanted one since the first autograph I ever bought 40+ years ago was Ray Bolger.  I will say the seller has a good return policy "if unsatisfactory" that covers a multitude of sins I suppose.  They do have an "Ethel Britton" listed on a dated album page of 1931 when she was 17 the problem is that the signer is "Ethel C. Bratton."  I think this was an honest mistake.  Britton was rather obscure. 

Thanks Scott, I too would love to have a Blandick to complete my WOO collection. She is the only major cast member I do not have. Willing to pay if indeed authentic. You're right vintage page, fountain pen, close signature but having 2 and starting at such a low price gives me reason for pause. Thanks again, Mike

Looks traced..

Which one? The one I posted Or the other one?

The one the original poster posted..



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