Hey guys! I would probabaly like to buy myself for my birthday this Ray Charles autograph..is it genuine in your eyes?Cheers, Christian:)

Because Innuendo on this website said that his Freddie Mercury signature was fake...so I am curious..

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this is because different parts of the brain are used when reading and writing in contrast to playing a musical instrument

I also have a concert brochure stamped musical yours and signed by Ray Charles in printed Capital letters

Please post large, sharp images, Donna.

This? The bottom is an overlay of both - these are stamps.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles

Ray Charles

Hi Donna,

Do you have a concert brochure and postcard? I only see the card if that's yours Eric posted.

Hi Steve,

I posted those as reference. Perhaps you recall the Charles collector who had one of the cards (above left) and swore no one would ever find another because it was hand signed? You know I love a challenge... ;)

I have the brochure but i don't know how to post it. Donna

Hi Donna you can post photos by tapping the button that’s directly to the left of the button that looks like a play button 

hope that helps





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