Hey everyone! Throwing an album I have out here & hoping someone can help?
Ghostbusters Promo Record Album
Signed by Ray Parker Jr. & Who? Appears to read "love from". Thanks Much!

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I can't figure out why .... but it sure looks like Richard Pryor.

Parker did the theme for Pryor's Place, but Richard didn't have anything to do with GB.

Maybe the collector only had this with him?

Hey Pete~
Thanks for the reply! I do see similarities with Richard Pryor (though it hadn't Ever crossed my mind...). That would defiantly be a big HUH & WHY if so! The lady who obtained was a Dj whom interview all kinds of celebrities & musicians... hmmm. You've got me wondering now, as I have always enjoyed Richard Pryor!

In person Pryor.....is a huge score, especially if you bought it on the low, as an inscribed Ray Parker, Jr.


Well, I have to say the price was right! Very cool, I can't tell you how long I looked for "someone" associated with GB & may have signed also. Very Much appreciated for your reply~


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