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Thanks who want help me

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That's a no from me. Something is off with every signature, and Eddie's may be one least likely to be real. 

I met the band during this line-up's era and have a couple of IP signed albums to compare with.

Thank you very much

It actually has some typical characteristics.  What is the history of it?

i was interested in this item and on internet i had seen that some time ago it was sold and described as "owned by a record executive"...now it is for sale again.

I want to buy it but I'm scared ...i can't find money on trees...so i ask those who know more than me

Did they autograph the shrink wrapping?  That would cancel the purchase for me.  It would explain the faded appearance of the red marker.  I am actually leaning authentic on this one.  If you trust the seller, you should be fine.  Best of luck.  Please keep us posted.

Sorry for my english, but i dont understand well what you mean.

If the signatures were marked on the "transparent film" (...with which the LPs arre sold) the ink would not have bene able to fix the signatures on the record cover.

IT is true: some signatures seem to be "doubled" ...as if the tip of the marker was a little damaged, but i would be fine if they were still original (especially that of Eddie).

For me that is the main question.

That was my question.  I cannot tell if the shrink wrapping is still on the album.  It is unlikely to be.  I do not remember if the sticker was placed on the shrink wrapping or on the album itself.  I originally purchased this album on cassette.  Regarding Eddie’s autograph, it is obviously very sloppy.  Perhaps even rushed.  There are a couple of characteristics about it that are typical.  That does not guarantee that it would pass a TPA.

The sticker (removed from transparent film of LP) now is directly on cover...it' a thing that I also make on my records (if I want preserve the sticker and replace the  shrink wrapping with a new transparent film). 

Got it.  That makes sense.

i dont know the seller and the item is sold with the "seen and liked" formula without COA or guarantees. what i asking in this forum is if it seem original and without obvious sign of forgery. Of course it already seems like an uphill purchase.

I ask to myself: if an abject has a dedication (to a person who isn't me) it is worth less ? How less compared the same signatures without dedication? half? 

The dedication does not bother me.  As a matter of fact, it makes it more likely to be authentic.  I also question why a forger would autograph Eddie’s name across the sticker at the end.  It makes no sense.  It is either authentic or it is an elaborate hoax.



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