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I have added Mariah's name to the title to help you get responses from those who know her auto.

-wascher moderator

Thank you so much appreciated just don't want to spend that kind of money if it isn't authentic 

The autograph is authentic. It's from the late '90's. Just look at the one I have for sale also signed in the '90's and compare...

Thanks much appreciated yours in beautiful how much do you want for that one 

Well, as I have it for sale, wait until other collectors tell you their opinion about the one you're interested in and mine. If everyone agrees that these 2 are genuine (I'm sure they are), then we will talk about the one I have...

I got this one offered sone days ago

That one looks also good. Not as rushed as the other two, but same period of signing. Her 90's autographs are the best comparing to what she signs nowadays.

thanks. Seller is asking 150$ plus shipping, what do you think?

The one I have is listed on hollywood memorabilia are they trust worthy 

I agree this one is authentic, I have one from the same time period.

It's expensive and not very clear, but it's authentic and there are not too many like that one out there. The 90's autographs by Mariah are rare.

Anyways, I would try to get it for $100 or less if I were you. But it depends on the money you want to spend, as always...




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