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Red Hot Chili Peppers Return Of The Dream Canteen (Very Limited Autographed / Star Signed)


Is anyone familiar with this site? hope it's legit

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For anyone in Nashville area, I scored the last one at Grimey’s on release date. Not seeing anything for them yet on this one but worth a shot. I didn’t get there until like 6pm but they still had them last time. I may try this time but have to work all day and is like 2 hrs round trip…. 

Do they have any list of indie stores that carry them anywhere? I guess if I miss this one I won't be too sad about it since I paid flipper price and got the last one, but would be nice to not pay $145 this time and get one. 

Be careful, the password to my google account was changed 5 minutes ago with the same password that I used when making an account on Interpunk because I forgot to change it. Not saying that this is the reason, just giving a warning just in case. 

Really appreciate the heads up. I used a unique password for their site but wasn't sure what they could actually see so ended up changing my PayPal password just to be safe. I hope everyone stays protected.. 

Ive noticed on their Facebook page, they have attempted to reach out to a few people recently about their orders.  They gave a long explanation specifically to one person about their order but in the end, they are only giving back store credit. It may be just a runaround.. there is evidence that they have fulfilled some orders but I have a feeling that if these items actually exist and they receive them in stock, greed will take over and they will keep them to flip on ebay. Its an extreme Longshot but I still feel there is a 1% chance that these will come through. 

Any update with the Inter punk orders? Anyone got them shipped? 

Not yet, unfortunately 

I'm sure most of us are expecting a fight. Maybe we should start a new thread specifically for the interpunk orders. Something we can link to and bombard them with emails showing that there is an entire community against them.

I just started one.. Im 99% sure we need to start early to be on top of this.



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