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Signed Prints AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH ... Sign The LP Sleeve !  I'm not liking this ever increasing Signed print trend -  £100 for a rip off - so called Test pressing / 75 !!! So another not to buy for me ! 

anyone know what size the prints are... ? These days it could be anything from 3.5"x3.5" to 12"x12"

last chance to get it!

Last night it was sold out, it's now back (probably due to cancellations).

you can also get it (cheaper, no cassette) at https://townsendmusic.store/product/86249

I also prefer the sleeve to be signed, and don't like all those signed prints, when they sign the cover it looks so much better (I see it as art).
OMG! I made the order with another pre-order, which will be release only on 7th Jan 2022....

Particularly disappointing as his last album he Signed both LP's and CD's - which I'm happy i got - so won't be bothering


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