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I know this has a Frank COA but does anyone else see issues with the Ringo? The Beatles signed Paul McCartney + Ringo ‘Abbey Road’ cover in 200... 

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The I and G are slightly atypical but I think it's genuine.

not really

Not really atypical or not real? The G is concave on the left instead of the right, which I've rarely seen on genuine examples. 

sorry for the confusion I was answering the question presented in the post, I really dont see many issues with the Ringo.  I understand your point about the "g" and its more common to have it lean to the right, but I have seen many authentic versions where does not.  I would not use that alone to determine authencity.


I did not think it looked right. :/

It looks okay to me too. Maybe he was trying to avoid signing close to the edge.

I think that's the reason, too. It looks a bit slower than usual, which is probably why the "I" is parallel to the M instead of tilted a few degrees left like it usually is.

Looks good to me!

If those who agree with "authentic" saw this without the Frank COA and saw it as a cut, I highly doubt they would deem it authentic.  It would probably be met with No, No Thanks and Pass. To the "less experienced than Frank" collectors this really looks far from authentic and almost a borderline bad forgery.

Thanks for the replies! If anyone has an exemplar that is authentic with the same characteristics as this one I would love to see it.

I'll add this to the discussion  circa 2008

Here are two signed items from 2005. Similar ink. 

I personally have doubts on the discussed signature.  Where is the dot or dash for the letter "i" did he forget this time. People should rightly question this autograph. 


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