A Few weeks ago,  I listed these George Harrisson/Ringo Starr autographs on Ebay. Before the listing, i paid for a "PSA/DNA "Quick Opinion" to make sure they were genuine, and the reult came back "Likely Genuine".

They sold after 4 days on a "Buy It Now" basis, the buyer paid, and i sent the autographs.  A week or so later, the buyer opened a case against me saying that the autographs were fakes.  His reason for doing this is because he had tried to resell these same autographs for sale on Ebay, and Ebay had removed his listing while it was live, because they had recieved reports the autographs were fake.

Although the Ebay case is still open, i am willing to refund his money ASAP if the signatures are not genuine.

My dilemma is that Ebay had no issues with me when i listed autographs, and i have the PSA "Likely Genuine" opinion, but i can also see the buyers point of view, that Ebay will not allow him to resell them because they say they are fakes!

Opinions on the authenticity of these autographs would be very helpful for me, to decide if i should refund ! (Also, any opinions on wether you would refund in my position,would be intereting to hear)

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I don't understand how you paid for a "Quick Opinion" if you owned the items and they weren't listed on ebay yet???  Anyhow, if you did do a quick opinion on ebay or another site contact ebay with both item #s and/or links and forward them the email from PSA with quick opinion results.  It sounds like there is more to the story that the buyer may or may not be telling you but ultimately the only reason ebay would remove the item based on authentication is if JSA or another authenticator or one of their recognized helper/experts chimed in on it.  If you forward that documentation to ebay I'd be curious to know if they will reinstate the items.  Again, it's my understanding that if ebay removes an item that they feel is questionable you must provide authentication which you have.  Unfortunately you are dealing with a machine of a business so you never know who you'll get to receive your email so be sure to be very clear in your email as this is something I''m sure that is a little out of their norm.

PS:  I don't think you'll have a choice in your refund.  If they filed a dispute with ebay they will likely freeze your paypal funds and reimburse the buyer once he sends the items back.


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Just to confirm the chain of events, as it is a little unusual.

I listed both autographs for sale in one auction. As i wanted to be sure they were authentic, a friend did a PSA "Qiuck Opinion" on my behalf, wich came back as "Likely Genuine".  I then ended my listing, and immediatly relisted with added PSA info. (I realise that this is not the purpose of the "Quick Opinion" facility, but the sole reason for me doing this was to ensure i was selling genuine items). Four days later the item sold as a "But It Now".

Evidently, the new owner decided he wanted to resell them on Ebay (he obviously thought he could make a quick profit).  However, Ebay removed his listing, telling him they had recieved reports that the  autographs were fake.  I dont think that he mentioned the PSA "Quick Opinion" in his listing, which is possibly why Ebay removed his listing, but not mine.

He then opened an Ebay case against my sale, asking for a full refund, due to Ebay not letting him sell the autographs as they say they are fakes. The current situation is that i have replied to the case stating the PSA "Quick Opinion" ID/reference number. Although the buyer is aware of the "Quick Opinion" result, i dont he he has heard of PSA or is aware of the significance of their "Quick Opinion". The only issue as far as he is concerned, is that Ebay say they are fakes, and will not allow him to sell them on their site. 

However, if the weight of opinion says the signatures are not genuine, i will give a refund ASAP regardless of the Ebay case. 

why don't you rewrite your title as "Ringo and Harrison Autographs: Opinions Please" and get some input?
Advice taken! Thanks

I can tell the common forgeries well, but don't rely on me to determine what's genuine. That said, these both look quite likely good to me. I don't know Aspinal secretarials well, though.

What I can't figure out is why eBay will accept your PSA quick opinion that it's genuine and not accept the same or a new one that the client gets. Please explain.

I don't like either one of these.  I'm curious to see what Roger says.
I don´t know enough to render an opinion on the Harrison signature, but I certainly do not like the Ringo signature.
These are big pics. Looking at the Ringo close up it doesn't seem signed quickly...besides looking a little unusual. I have a feeling you're right.
On the question of whether or not you give a refund, I'd say yes...if he wants one, no matter if it's probably good or not. He just bought it, eBay is giving him grief...it may be good it may not be. And a quick opinion is just that...it's not full authentication. Maybe they made the wrong call.
Lgee Your sure having a hard time with beatle autographs. Its almost comical LOL.
Tell me about it !  I'm fairly new to this, you could say im having a "testing apprenticeship"
I got burnt big time in the beginning. But I made some good friends that have.helped me along the way. Stick with it but always ask first before u buy something buddy. Its a dangerous game LOL. Especially with beatle Autographs. Their are more beatle Autographs forged than any other artists. I'd be glad to help you with what I can. If you want This see some good beatle Autographs check out my photos. . If u need any help don't hesitate to ask.


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