Hi to all?

Is this an Authentic Rita Hayworth?

Thanks isn advancer your opinions. :-)

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Hi Oscar,

You mentioned markings on the Reverse of the Hayworth - studio stamps or notes from the autograph collector? I love such things. That Burton candid I posted, which I note he (drunkenly?) tried to sign twice, once with the unusual inscription "love", has an entire story filling he back of the 8x10, telling all about where and when it was it was signed etc. by the autograph collector "Celia", who saw fit to sign the Obverse as well. That's OK, as Robert says, each is unique. That is worth more to me...more important to me than the red shift in color of this 1977 Kodak print (they mostly all shift to red from this period, so I don't...can't... hold that against the item). Burton is here seen leaving his hotel for the very last Broadway performance of Equus. So, what is on the back of you new Hayworth (which I think a fine example)? 

Eric, those are sweet and you upstaged me. I love the Burton, he has that GET OUT OF THE WAY - IM GOING TO HAVE A DRINK look on his face. I agree, the old red toning, hairline cracks on the surface and normal age wear is acceptable on  these vintage candids. They are one of a kind, unpublished snapshots.


Thanks Robert, and Eric

For sharing those amazing ooak´s  pics and autographs!



Glad you enjoyed :)

Dear Eric, 

Great to know that 

So its usual to find autographs that are written on the back, right?

Specially those from that age?

I will receive it on the beginning of this week .

As soon as i get it, i will take a photo, and send it to you.

By the way i specially like Judy´s because of my passion for her. She was an amazing actress and singer. An inspiration. :-)

Dear Eric, you were right,

I´v got the Rita´s autograph yesterday.

There are some annotations and names from the latest collectors, even phone numbers,  There is a stamp in blue (On the center right)  , FHC,  i don´t know the meaning... Take a look at the picture. 



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