This may have been up last year but I could only find the Newbury version which sold out a while ago.

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I don't see where it says signed anywhere

Here is where it is listed as signed.

I just got the email from Robs people. It shows being signed on the main page. I posted the link to the actual vinyl.

I got one of these last year. He signed it in gold. And I just got the email a half hour ago with this being the subject. So I think it is legit.

I am sure this is good. But I did just throw them an email to verify it will be signed since my order didn't state it either. So I will throw an update up here when I hear back.

I reached out as well and just received a response.. looks like we won't have problems

This is sweet. Just ordered one. Thanks for the post!

Well that's pretty cool that it has been verified. Looks like Sarah updated the description like she said to 'signed on the jacket'.

Awesome.  Thanks for following up on this and sharing your response.  I was reluctant to buy this yesterday, but jumped on it with the confirmation.

Nice! I noticed during checkout that they took my countries VAT percentage, so it shouldn't have extra added customs costs for EU customers.

I received mine last week.



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