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Yeah, Jim is near impossible unless you've got big bucks. You can get a Manzarek for around $50 on ebay.

I ordered copies for myself and my dad on B&N and the 2 books I got in today have identical signatures--either stamps or autopen. Contacting B&N now.

I will never understand the lack of integrity these artists have these days, how can you take people's money and then pull crap like this. and so many are doing it.

Can you please share? I bought from barnes and noble as well and want to know what to look for. 

wtf...bought on B&N too, looks like there is some on ebay with same:

Thanks for sharing. Huge bummer…the news on Elton John signed card not passing beckett and now this..this stinks.

I know. I didn't get an Elton--I would have loved one but I'm in the USA, but this is surprising and disappointing. I know Robby is doing a "live signing" on premiere so those will probably be real but after this, I don't feel like I should support the guy by buying his book. I'm a huge fan of his and I expected more from him.

Edit:spoke with B&N and they offered replacements. I asked if they could guarantee the replacements would be handsigned and they said no, so these are being sent back.


Thanks for sharing! Now I’m afraid to see mine…it is currently on route 

I saw someone post pics of 2 exact same autographs which he got from Premiere, so it doesn't look like they are good either.

Thank you for posting I just asked to cancel my order at waterstones I'm not going through this back and forth Not worth it



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