Not musician related but thought others may be interested in this!

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I find Waterstones a little slow sometimes shipping things. Also there has been a postal strike (I know Friday was cancelled) or maybe I’m clutching to straws! We should find out either way this week 

Fingers crossed 

Good luck everybody who was lucky! Would've loved to get one :)

Not looking good…..


Was released 14 days ago, no movement, no answer from Waterstones.

Just my feeling.

You're missing the broader context - Waterstones systems are SCREWED after a failed system switchover. Everything's taking weeks to ship. Be patient.

Happened a month ago and it's still not fixed.

Not my problem!!

I’m sure they can email customers, I have 2 orders just sat there, am I going to get them? Who knows?!? 

Well it is your problem (and mine, I have about six signed preorders with them) because we have no idea what’s actually happening and what we will get or when. I think we will eventually get everything but whether it’ll be this side of Christmas who really knows? Customer services just says it’ll be there when it’s there - the only way to know is when money is taken, the book normally arrives about a week later in my recent experience. 

Fair dos, but it is terrible customer service

I'm shocked that such a big company has let it go this badly wrong and basically given up on customer service in the process to be fair.

I hope that you all do get this. Did anyone else find it strange that they did not advertise this on social media at all? Seems strange for someone so popular. I know she has some controversy around her but still.

There are a couple copies on ebay with actual pics so these do exist somewhere.


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