I had long a suspected that JSA had blown it when I had them authenticate my signed Journey album.

It FAILED JSA Authentication at an in-store at a baseball card shop here in Vegas. The authenticator look like a high school kid who may be graduated 6 months ago.

Always wanted a second opinion but didn't want to pay for full authentication again.

Yesterday just on a whim I sent a bunch of pictures of it to Rodger Epperson to see what he thinks. Apparently from his cursory review he disagrees with jsa's opinion. Epperson likes the LP.

Who is more believable JSA or Rodger Epperson? What do you guys think?

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I do have something that might change your mind on PSA. I found this on eBay that is PSA certified. It's a Kim Novak. Notice the last name and how it's spelled. It's clearly misspelled and they gave it a go ahead. Now we all know that Hedy Lamarr for instance writes her L like an R but she is very consistent. In this picture that I will show you, the last name is spelled NOO... I can't make out the rest of the letters. It just is not her signature in my opinion. Yet it was certified by PSA very recently in 2017. you can clearly see the two letters connected to each other so they are specifically misspelled. You can't get more clear than that. So in my opinion they blundered because it clearly shows that her last name is very much misspelled. You be your own judge and check it out.

I am NOT a fan of TPA services although this Novak signature is probably genuine. I've seen these sloppy signatures before. Although, what I notice is her usual signing angle is upwards instead of downwards. Although I think it's authentic. Here is another example of that style.

Yeah I see your point. I just looked at for others that I have in my possession and I could tell that they could probably round out just the same way almost.

Roger is the best!  I agree with him too!!

I'd have to say both. You have to understand that with regards to interpreting any autograph, you have to have first of all many exemplars of it from different age ranges. Then all it comes to is a dash of experience but in the end it's all one person's, organization's opinion. There is no one group organization or person who is infallible to tell you something is accurate or not. It just doesn't exist. This is all a hobby that hopefully people with unblemished records and experience in the field can help you examine. For example, I can do several celebrities but not all of them. And that goes for JSA PSA and Rodger Epperson. Doesn't matter who it is. Everyone is wrong once in awhile.



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