Hello!  This is a Pink Floyd LP signed by Roger Waters I am contemplating on buying.  I just would like opinions on authenticity, thank you.

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I have seen enough and have heard enough from the many good contributors in this thread to just move on to another example were I looking at this item. Even Seamus, who thinks it genuine, said he would not go near it. 

I don't,wont own it!

So I think this is an important topic because Mr. Steffman is soon going to become a paid authenticator. Waters is a very difficult signature to replicate because of his style of signing. If you ever seen him sign in person, he holds his pen in an 'overhand' position (simular to Michael Jackson), which allows signature formation inconsistencies - but you are also able to see traits from this style which are apparent in each of his signatures. I usually can just look at his R and W and determine if he signed it or not. Tails and flow are most notable in this type of overhanded style.

Roger has has a wide variety of signing formations during this tour - which are not tough to find on eBay. I have provided examples (all authentic IMO) to support the ones in question and labeled first/last based on the part of the name I am comparing from the ones in question

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Thanks for these, I will have a look tomorrow as well. Can you share the source of each?

Sure I can dig them up, took them straight from eBay.

Btw - I will definitely agree that the seller of the one's in question is not a good seller. Mixed bag.

Thanks. I am obsessed with being hyper-analytical of and extremely cautious on sources for samples.

What's your name btw? Are you on FB? Would enjoy chatting.
Shoot me a message. I'm off Facebook, but on email and gchat

Don't recall ever sharing mine but feel free to critique it or save for reference

By suggestion, I went ahead and deleted my precise points on this item, as not to enable better forgeries. Statistically speaking, I'm just going to say that I believe the odds of these being real are close to 0%. Seamus, the samples you shared did not have the large majority of the inconsistencies found in all of the "under review" points as I had listed. I don't know if you ignored what I wrote completely, but that seems to be the case.

We just added another 100+ Waters samples to our database this morning, as well. Each sample has a documented and reputable source, date, and location associated with it and all were obtained during this current tour. I took a look at the Waters from this seller again after importing, and it's the exact same conclusion -- only now with 100+ additional samples, it's statistically even lesser of a chance that they are genuine based on an even larger authentic pool. 

I don't think picking 4-5 random items from eBay is a good way to make an assessment on any signature. 

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"I don't think picking 4-5 random items from eBay is a good way to make an assessment on any signature."

Amen. So many need to see this statement. I still agree with your assessment of those questioned Waters.

I have my own points I look for on items, to be honest they can be quite different than points of others, therefore I don't think responding to each of your points correlates 1:1 from my assessment of an item. I told you a couple things I look specifically in Waters. I actually have gone more in depth for Waters in another thread in regards to a BAS certed album that was part of the Team Derek forgery scheme.

I thought we were actually going to talk about this offline, but it seems like overnight you have completely closed the idea of this being authentic, so why bother. Seems pretty 'authenticatorish' to shut off the possibility completely.

As for the items I chose off eBay - in no way was I making a total assessment, I was just providing like exemplars to ones in question - IMO. Why does it matter if I got them from RACC, eBay, or any other site if I know each of the ones I provided are real? I'm sure you didn't see all your exemplars signed in front of you. You're trusting others and I am trusting my personal judgement having studied Floyd long enough.



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