What do you think about the signed Rolling stones Brussels affair box set. Pretty pricy, $750 for the base one signed by Mick and a couple of guys who took pics of the tour etc.  I've done a little research and they say its been signed by Mick, not autopen etc. There was some confusion about this, but the stones have tweeted etc that its been hand signed...Any thoughts on this would be appreciated...

thanks, Mike

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I bought the Platinum edition, which has the signed book. They still haven't sent me the signed poster but they did send the book and I assure you it is hand signed (in ball poiint).

When you consider that an unsigned set goes for $400 on ebay, I think it's a pretty good deal. You're getting a signed Jagger book for $350 bucks, which you should be able to get at least that out of it.

My plan is to eventually sell the book and record set and just keep the lithograph.

I was thinking the same thing, that a signed Mick book and everything else isn't too bad. His signed stuff on ebay and other places is pretty high anyway. Amazon has it too, same price though...thanks

It is a gorgeous set, let me tell you. I just wanted the signature on the poster, but if you are into boxed sets, it is just awesome.

I'm still trying to weigh if it is better to just keep the whole set intact or not, but my collection really isn't  about books.

Same here, I want the Jagger auto and thought the other stuff looked good too. The album itself is great...

Just checked and the latest completed auctions on ebay are $399 for the unsigned version...I'd like to think that book is going to be worth more than $350.

Now they are selling a set incl. a mick taylor signed vinyl single.


So you get now 2 autographs for the same price without cds.

Does the Amazon package  include the cds of the show as they describe ??

I dunno...

They finally sent me the signed lithograph....about 10 months after I ordered it.

The Mick Taylor signed single was a throw in, about four months in to calm down people waiting for the lithograph.

I honestly just wanted the signed poster. I'd love to sell the book and the Mick Taylor autograph and the and the rest of it...just not sure if breaking up the set is smart.

The Amazon one does come with the cd's.

I received my Signed poster I'n October.I decided to get is psa authenticated and they could not authenticate it.really crazy considering it came from bravado.we waited long enough and now psa says it's not real? They are so off lately.they gave me that boiler plate bs about pen pressure, slant thing with the rushed thing.it's just so bad.so if we want to sell ,it would be nice if it can be authenticated.I own a dozen jagger autographs.when this one came I have to admit that it looked rushed.also Jaggers sig has changed now that he's older.maybe psa didn't have any new examplars of his sig.what ever the case is,it's definitely real.It came from their website and took over a year to get it.let me know what you guys think.
I would send that item to Roger to authenticate. PSA opinion on a music item just not the best.

Sorry to start up an old discussion but ive just bought this box set and i was wondering if anyone could 100% confirm the book is hand signed by Mick Jagger ?

I dont buy many signatures so dont really know what to look for to spot if its real or not. Ive read some comments on other stones forums, some people saying its auto penned, Does this mean a machine signs them ?

I also read there where 1227 of the collectors sets, 1973 in total with the other more expensive sets. I couldnt see Mick Jagger sitting there signing that many books. Has anyone anymore information on the signature or set please ? I bought it from amazon.

Thanks, Carl

do you have a photo?



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