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This guy says his grandma worked at a talent agency in the 70s. 

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The same guy had authentic gold and platinum records

If in the 70's how did one get dated '91? I'd stay away. Upstroke on the A"a" in "Jagger" said to be a problem. Is the pick guard cracked? Is this a Squire?

It is a squire. I talked to him more and he said his grandma bought this from one of her hippy friends in the early 2000s. Pick guard might be cracked. The Ronnie wood looks good and so does the keith, but I was a little skeptical on the jagger. 

Is it possible the pick guard was not signed by jagger but the guitar has genuine sigs?

The story is changing. 1970',s now 1982 when the Squire series was introduced. I'd stay away.

I clarified with him. She worked in a talent agency in the 1970s where she acquired gold and platinum records. The guy has tons. Most were secretary's or business people's. The guitars and tons of other music memorabilia she acquired from people in the late 90s and early 2000s. I know it sounds like a disconnected story, he is an honest guy. 


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