I have a chance at a guitar signed by all 4 members and it comes up on the website as legit. I don’t know these guys from Adam. They are called R&M Real? Opinions please and thank you. 

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AVOID THIS!  Probably came from Anthony Nurse's "company" Charity Grow or one of the other names he uses. They provide fake guitars and other signed memorabilia to auction houses for their charity auctions. They are all FAKE -- and his company keeps the profits. RM Real is his in-house authenticator who would say anything is authentic if you pay him enough.  He has been discussed here many times. 

And this is why you guys are the best. The guy selling it bought it at a “charity auction”. So glad I didn’t bite and took the time to ask you guys first. Thanks so much. 

You're very welcome. This site has saved collectors tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding fakes. Ebay should provide a link to AML for it's listings!  (Tell 'em Steve Cyrkin!)


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