Rolls Royce bonnet signed by Paul McCartney, Bono, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Katy Perry etc.

Hi Everyone,

I bought this Rolls-Royce Coupe bonnet signed at the 2008 EMA awards from MTV last year and was just wondering about the potential value of it if ever I were to sell it in the future? It is contained within a wooden frame with inbuilt lighting and photos of all of the signers signing. I didn't pay a huge amount for it so I'm not expecting thousands and thousands. 

It is signed by (deep breath):

Sir Paul McCartney (signature approx: 35cm (13 inches) long with doodled face)

Bono (with sketch and "I still want my MTV 2008" inscribed) 


Kelly Rowland 

Solange Knowles

Katy Perry

P!nk ("XOXO" with skating boy sketch)

Kanye West (with broken heart sketch)

Take That (minus Robbie Williams with Take That logos drawn. Gary Barlow adds "Love")

Grace Jones 

The Killers (Brandon Flowers using a sketch of flowers as a surname)

The Sugababes

Kid Rock

Estelle (with sketch of dress she was wearing at the awards)

Craig David

Anastacia (with smiley face)

Perez Hilton ("Drive safely... And in STYLE! XOXO")

Travee McCoy (with graffiti style "Travee")

The Wombats (with sketch of the band, a heart and "Thank you very much + practice safe sex!")

The Rasmus (Lauri Ylonen)


Tokio Hotel

Any help would be much appreciated!

All the best,


P.S Sorry about the sizing of the images, it's only my second post and I haven't quite worked it out yet!

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Your image sizing is perfect! Great job posting this..

Where do you display something so large?

Good question! Currently in my bedroom. I had to take the entire frame apart and rebuild it in the room as it wouldn't fit through my front door! It's a bit like a ship in a bottle now but it's quite a nice feature of the room.

When you say you're not expecting "thousands and thousands" what do you mean? The bonnet alone is probably worth as much as $10,000 unsigned! 

You could grab the oxy torch and sell them individually.

The thought had crossed my mind I won't lie! The thing is, with the relatively tight spacing of the signatures, the cut outs would be quite irregular and very hard to display. 

Would buy Beyonce's for sure :D 

Really!? As an 18 year old that's pretty good news! I wasn't expecting that. I wasn't even expecting it to be worth over around $2000 to be honest! How much would you say the signatures add to that value? Or is the value of the bonnet itself effectively unchanged?


At first I thought you were joking when you said that. But here is the link from eBay where someone bought it in 2015...for £250???

How the heck did it sell for that???

If it's for real, you're gonna get thousands of thousands. And don't remove the autographs! A 13-inch Sir Paul is RARE.


Can you take a photo of yourself with the bonnet and post it? Just so I can make sure you're not pulling our legs?

There are just too many jokes that work here...


It was me that bought it for £250! I thought it seemed extremely low for a buy it now so I bought it! 

Attached is a photo of me with the bonnet while we were dismantling the frame to fit it through the door and also a photo of me and my Dad just after having finally installed it.

So would you say it's worth any more than the $10,000 that the bonnet itself is worth? I'm not selling it right now but with university costs coming round I'm just trying to get a rough estimate.



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