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Says product is currently not available 

Are you in the UK? If not, you won’t be able to see it without a VPN

man, I've been checking for these for days hoping they would pop up but if it's UK only it wouldn't have done me any good anyway. with some recent additions, I've added a Latin category to my collection now and was hoping to add this one. but it's not showing available to me either 

I heard you can download a VPN and connect to a UK server and buy one. Not sure if they will cancel but it’s worth a shot. 

Nah it's not that important, I just recently bought the Luis Fonsi and Sebastion Yatra ones and it put me on a kick to start a Latin section, but not worth putting too much time or money in. if the U.S. store gets them or they become available from the international store and the shipping not too bad I'll get one but otherwise no big deal. thanks though.

Damn it's not available. I would actually pay for this to be forwarded to the US using a service.

Figured out the VPN thing and got two for $48 shipped. Thanks!

I tried but couldn't figure it out, it's still showing unavailable when I clicked on the link so either they just sold out, or else I'm doing it wrong. 

Edit: NM, just tried and now it brings me to just the regular CD. 

I used PrivadoVPN...downloaded the app to my phone...signed up for a free account...connected to the UK server...then went on the internet like normal (new session) with the app running in the backround...then went to this site...clicked the link...and it showed up. Was able to order and send straight to my house in the US. Shipping is not bad. For one it was $12.50 tracked or around $8 untracked.

I closed the site and then downloaded "VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy" on my iPhone's app store - connected to a UK server - went to the link and it finally showed the signed version

Yeah I tried the Privado one and thought I got it to work since the link doesn't say unavailable anymore but it takes me to a regular unsigned Cd now. maybe sold out since i took too long lol

Apparently these have shipped



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