Is it just me or is everyone’s first action, in the morning, to check Newbury, here and a few other graph sites, before even making a brew?

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I definitely check here and Newbury.  If anyone can suggest other good checkpoints I'd be keen to learn.

Yep, and if I have to get up in the night I might even check then as well!!!

I have been checking this forum several times a day in the last 6 months and landed great finds (Dodie, Toto, Lisa Stansfield, Paul Young, Eric Serra, Pink Martini, Billy Corgan a couple of days ago) and a few sad misses such as Lorde and Nancy Sinatra. 

Everyday since I found this forum. I always check here and some music forums. It’s like a religion!

The days that I didn't have time to check a lot are the days people like Emilia Clarke happen. So now I have the alerts turned on to send me an email every time a new thread gets created. That seems to work about 90% of the time and has helped me out in the last couple months.

I always check here and Newbury first thing in the morning and then throughout the day, I also punched Signed Cd or Signed Vinyl in the search box on Twitter and hit latest results and you have to sift through tons of garbage Tweets but I have found a lot of good ones that way including the David Gilmour ones. most of the artists and labels seem to announce the pre-orders on social media first.

Glad it’s not just me then, I wonder whether we could have some sort of WhatsApp group or we all buy X amount and share.

Especially worse with the UK US shipping situation.

I hate missing stuff 

what do you reckon??

I've been hinting  in previous threads at the idea of having a group of reliable collectors who help one another get country restricted items and share breaking news re new releases, so I'm in for a WhatsApp group. Brilliant idea. 

That would be great since artists nowadays use the US or UK only option. I already tried to see if any company can receive the item and ship them back to me but the price is super high and I can manage to get them for a little bit cheaper on eBay or discogs. 

I would be in for this!

Great idea!

I’m up for that


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