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How does this Sammy Davis Jr autograph look? Enlarged to show more details

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Personally, I don't like it at all.
Not authentic at all

Thank you both.  The eBay seller of this seems to have a lot of secretarials 

here is the listing.  Doesn't look like anything I've seen from him http://www.ebay.com/itm/ALL-IN-THE-FAMILY-SAMMY-DAVIS-JR-THE-KISS-A...

Perhaps not authentic, but a great moment in television history nonetheless - when Sammy Davis kissed Archie Bunker!

If it helps as a point of reference here are some of my Sammy Davis Jr autographs. Mine were taken face to face off Sammy by my friend Paul who as a 14 year old met Sammy Davis Jr at the stage door of a show he was going in Birmingham UK in 1963. 

As it happens I also own his appointments diary from 1971 which was bought from his estate. Some interesting telephone numbers in there!

My hand Signed original Sammy Davis Jr. It is correct?


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