I just got this Saturday Night Live season 5 signed post card.  I have looked under a scope and it looks like live ink to me.  Has anyone see this before etc..  It cames from a person who work on the show for the 1st five seasons.  It also have with a small hand written note card (separate)  to add to the province. 

And YES - I wish it had John Belushi.  :) But still really cool!

Would love to hear any thoughts on this.



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Extremely cool, Mark.

I've never seen these before, and I couldn't find anything similar online. I don't have an opinion on the signatures, but I love how the second Murray is just "Billy."

Would be great to add names to this if authentic.

In my opinion-no good

thanks Mr. Steffman


Here is one that is PSA for comparison.  If the photo is NOT a preprint that I have looks pretty dead on.  I actually think the signature are real - I was just not sure if the photo was a preprint and if anyone else has seen it. 

thoughts - 


Hello Mark, did the two signed pieces that you present here in the beginning of this discussion come from the same person who worked on the show for the first five seasons?

Robert Chase - What makes you think its No Good??  Is there a certain signature you dont like?  Have you seen this before and its a preprint??



Hello mark, did you see my last question?

yes - answered below..   



Hey Robert - 

Yes - both the pieces at the top came from the same source. 


Ok thanks, in my opinion the jane's don't match up to one another. The two Garretts don't match up. On the card there appears to be an unnatural break between the R and the E in Garrett. The Morris looks off in the photo and Garrett Morris does not match up to the PSA example you presented. This is just some of what I don't like about these. I have not seen these two before as a preprint, but that only answers one question and doesn't prove anything without seeing others just like it.
Please remember that this is just my opinion

I appreciate you taking time and looking at it. 



No problem




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