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  Over the past 2-3 months I have been receiving an abundances of Willie Mays signed Major League baseballs with the "Say Hey" Hologram for autograph authentication. I have recently been passing on authenticating these baseballs.
 These baseballs are all in near mint condition and have a very nice, clear Willie Mays signature on the sweet spot in blue ink. The signatures are all very similar and I understand they are available by the dozen. I have started a file and have been taking notes and doing some research on the origins of these signed baseballs. In most cases I have been noticing the holograms are nor affixed properly to the baseballs. If anyone could help with some examples or information on the "Say Hey" holograms or Foundation please join in.


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"Fleece Mop" LMFAO

I have never understood this signature.

Michael, did you ever come to a conclusion whether there were fake Willie Mays autographed balls with the Say Hey holo attached? If so, is there any way to tell the real ones from fakes? Think one with a Say Hey holo and a JSA cert is a pretty safe bet? Thanks.

I also noticed that many of the Willie Mays autographed baseballs with a "Say Hey" hologram are signed with what appears to be a felt-tip pen and not a ballpoint pen.  I have seen examples in both black and blue ink, but mostly signed in blue.  Does he usually not sign these baseballs with a ballpoint pen, and are the ones that are concerning you signed with a ballpoint pen or a felt-tip pen?

Here is a Willie Mays autograph with a Say Hey Cert and a Steiner Cert. 


Here is also a bat signed by Willie Mays with a Say Hey Cert and a Steiner Cert. 


I`m thinking that these Say Hey certs are good. 

I agree Erich.

These Steiner Willie Mays items look to be 100% authentic..

This is very interesting to me. Just bought a toned mays from a seller in fla. Photo attached. Haven't gotten it yet but he said it comes with the mays holo as well as a card and a mounted memories holo.
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The "Say Hey" hologram should be visible on the autographed baseball in the photo.

That is a great point. It appears in each photo it is right below the signature. Now I am really interested to see the ball. Overall I have heard good things about mounted memories coas as well. Here is a link to the auction:


I don't like the look of it Nick.  Sorry.


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