Bought this book on ebay the seller claimed they had multiples after awhile they sent me this one. Can anyone tell me if it's real the sean looks pretty slow to me. 

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I have seen some terrible in-person Connery signatures, but the books and book plates that I have seen shouldn't show the horrors of a pissed off bitter Scot.

Notice the lack of deep swoop in the S to e, as well as the Con formed like Can....these are standard non-in-person realxed Connery traits. The way he signs books and bookplates, contracts, letters etc.

On the streets all the rules go out the window.

We all know that Sir Sean has not been well and he is not getting any younger. While I have not had the chance to add anything newly signed by him in the last couple of years, I don't think I would be comfortable calling this one real, nor would I want to add it to my collection.

If this was not the one shown in the buyers post/auction, I would refuse it. 

Thanks I thought something seemed off once I looked at it. Weird that it is on a bookplate curious if people are somehow faking the signed bookplates now. :(

I agree Pete.  I would not be interested in adding this Sean Connery autograph to my collection.

Most of Coles' copies for sale are on bookplates, for all but the clearly lower requested authors.  I didn't think bookstores bothered with them anymore, but it's a much quicker way to have books "signed" and then sold as such. Someone as old and grouchy as Connery would probably insist on signing those and avoiding the public as much as possible.

Shocking that the Coles Bookstore were selling them for just 30 GBP each!  Anyway, the store's site has a copy in blue marker.  The signature looks okay to me, but it could easily be a reprinted sticker.

Thanks the site is sadly sold out.  Is there a chance it's good and just a bad sig from him. I have doubt in it as well just don't wanna tell him it's fake without knowing for sure.

Anything is possible. All I can offer is how he has signed prior to 2011-2012, things with his health could have changed, but until there is some verifiable signatures from the last couple of years we won't know.

This sample on the Coles bookplate matches the samples I provided above, again showing the same differences from the original post.

I have one of the books directly from Cole's bookstore and framed the bookplate. Any help if I make a better picture of the bookplate?

I included the signature under the foreword, which is supposedly from 2008, like the book.

How many versions are there of these bookplates today?  Here are 3 that I can find online...the gold bordered one being the most uncommon from what I can see.  I am assuming all three of these plates are genuine?

I think it is real, but as others have mentioned, not the best example.

There were a variety of book plates and examples that Connery signed. Some came direct from the publisher, others specific to the book seller. I think the gold bordered ones were a later signed edition and possibly just on the paperback versions, whilst the others were from the hardback editions.

I have a few of these and have a couple for sale if anybody needs one.

I may be interested in picking a copy up from you, Richard. I just sent you a friend request so we can message about it. 

No problem at all.




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