So I just noticed that Selena Gomez as signing CDs for her new album. But I have no idea where to find them. So I figured I'd share this on here maybe we could all put our heads together to try to figure out where they'll be sold. . .

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I don't believe they are available yet...album release date is March it could be anytime between now and then in my opinion...probably thru her website

I found it weird she was doing an Instagram live yesterday where she said the signed CDs were just for the people who requested it but didn't give any more information after that. So it left me questioning what the heck she meant by that. . .

Didn't find much either, yet. There is some wird customizable version that's limited to 4, but it doesn't say signed.

Yeah I saw these and I thought they were the ones but then I noticed that it said digital print. Or something like that. 

My guess she'll drop the sign CDs on release day on her website. Or so I hope. 

For everybody wondering what we're talking about:

Some were just sold on her website in Germany, sold out pretty quick.  But after shipping, it was almost $60 for US buyers, so not really worth it I think.

Hopefully she adds them to her US store

Thanks for letting us know! I hope the US store or another overseas merchant will get them!

Boxset with autographed card still available. Personally don't want a boxset though.

This would cost over €80 for US fans o.O for a signed art card! o.O 

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that there is a US release I am not about to pay $100.22! NOOO THANK YOU!! 

Ooh boy!  X fngers crossed X

I guess the question is what time did they get release in the UK store? Are they going based off of that possibility?



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