So I just noticed that Selena Gomez as signing CDs for her new album. But I have no idea where to find them. So I figured I'd share this on here maybe we could all put our heads together to try to figure out where they'll be sold. . .

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yea I haven't been able to find a tweet or anything announcing her releasing them at midnite but a bunch of people were counting the minutes down like they knew it was happening, they seemed convinced enough to make me lose sleep just in case lol

I guess the question is what time did they get release in the UK store? Are they going based off of that possibility?

yea I didn't think about the fact that I don't know which Countries store they are tweeting about, just saw another girl tweet 2 hours till they are released, just don't know where they are getting the info.

I'm not finding any information either I wonder if maybe the people on her fan club gotnan email letting them know??

Either that or a bunch of teenagers are trolling me and I fell for it and am losing sleep for nothing lol 

Lmaoooo I hope that's not true! 

someone just said they went on sale in her german store at 1 AM and sold out, not sure if that's what they were talking about or not

I'm not seeing anything

yea I'm giving up, hopefully i don't wake up and find out I missed it, they said they sold out in the german store in less than an hour

Man, I'd be hella mad!

wow did they really just sell out in 15 minutes



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