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Hi Friends. I am going to start selling some of my items for the first time ever at the upcoming Monster Mania show in Cherry Hill NJ in August. I have over 9000 autographs and will be selling items that were 95+% obtained in person. Items that I have purchased I am either holding on to for myself or only selling with full disclosure that it was purchased and with original COA plus a COA and lifetime guaranty from me. My wife has been haunting me to sell off some of my stuff for years now and quite frankly, even I don't need 500 Pamela Anderson's, 45 Britney's, etc.. If anyone is planning to attend, please come and say hello as I would love to meet all of you. Let me know if you can attend!

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Why don't you post some in the Buy/Sell/Trade group?

Because I have never sold before, I really have no idea what other people want to buy? I know what I like, but just reading comments and collecting for 40 years, I can see that not everyone likes what I do or values them the same way. I was going to use Monster Mania as my test case to get a feeling for what people are looking for. At a show I can put a lot of stuff on a table and talk to hundreds of people over 3 days. Even if I don't sell a single thing, I think the table fee will be well worth it just for the experience I will gain alone. I don't want to clog up the website with items people are not interested in. I would be happy to take suggestions from you, Mike, Roger, DB or any of our other fellow collectors. Most of the items will be in the modern entertainment or music categories. I will hold off on sports until I do a sports show. But if anyone is interested in a Manning / Simms display of the two Giants SB QB's together or Bernard King, I have those still in the wrapping and can post them now. I literally just had these framed.

I have also already registered with the State of NJ and have incorporated under the name Three J's and a K, LLC. I want to be as open and transparent as possible, so again, I very much value any and all of your opinions.



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