Hey all, this is my first post and I figured I'd ask for your expertise. I found this signed Sharon Tate framed picture on eBay. Here is the link.

I am wondering about it's authenticity. I contacted the seller and they said it was from the estate of a film director names Alexander Petrovic and he bought it in San Fran. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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As I've looked a little more closely, I've noticed the bad older stuff has this note added to the description:

"Previous owner was a heavy smoker. Definitely some dark tobacco stain and residue on all of the items from this estate."   

That added to the description certainly lends to a sense of true vintage authenticity!

This was the line that made me question everything. Thanks for you reply!

When someone has bulk (fake) items like this, they probably bought a storage locker with all of these “autographs” in it and they are just selling the phoney pieces one by one. They come up with a little backstory to move the goods.

I reported the Tate autographs to eBay so hopefully they remove them.

Thanks so much! I reported as well

RR Auction has sold a number of Sharon Tate autographs, including several from the collection of one of my favorite classic Hollywood collectors, Tom Gregory. Here's a link to their past sales. Notice the prices as well as the autographs. Sharon Tate is not inexpensive.


Thank you, that's what I thought. Nice to confirm with the experts. 

Fake imo



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