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I found it strange too. I know that previously I also bought the signed version of “music” on  JB Hi-Fi, and if I remember correctly it was also the only place where they were available. But I’m  still hoping for an international release this week, who knows…

I think that was maybe my subconscious continuing to check JB H-Fi, remembering her last signed drop. Hopefully something pops up, is her album releasing this week, I can’t remember. Always good to have multiple sets of eyes looking in different places, and maybe we’ll get lucky.

If I see something popping up I’ll share here for sure! But I’ll play attention to all the last stores where she had signed copies. For 1000 forms of fear she had signed booklets at newburycomics 

FYI, I think my "Some People Have Real Problems" CD has the slipcover signed by her, which would have been bought via Newbury as well

Just lost my mind and bought this variant:


The shipping price was super high for Europe but at least I took the chance and also bought Paramore's Self-Titled album in pink/orange, which was sold out in Europe.

I don't know if you are as desperate as me but the shipping for a single vinyl is 45€ :/ But the album itself is pretty cheap and with a signed artcard!

EDIT: Ohhh, don't forget to apply the SHOP15 code! You'll get a 15% discount on the price of the items you choose!


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