Greetings. I was hoping to get some feedback from fellow Doors fans on two items I recently purchased. This was the first major purchase for my collection. Sadly, I think I was scammed.

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Has anyone thought about people that might have Jim Morrison/Doors artifacts from the period and not even know it?

That's a great question and yes, I have thought of that. For example, my friend Leslie -- who died during Covid -- a much older lady. When she found out a decade ago, that I was a huge Doors fan, she said she still had a ticket stub from a concert she saw them in and she'd give it to me. Too late for that now, but yes...people probably have things they don't even realize, and when they pass away, their family will just toss it all.

Sorry to hear about your friend. An older friend of mine was at a party in LA in the late 1960's and met Jim Morrison. Of course, I had a million questions, but the only details he remembered was that he was quiet and with a pretty red haired girl (most likely Pamela). My friend was a professional dancer and in a few movies, including Jailhouse Rock. Elvis gave them all the dancers rings as gifts and he was supposed to give his to me. He passed away and I wasn't contacted by a lawyer so who knows what happened to it.

Another funny story is that when I was in High School I worked at a fruit market. One of the managers claimed to have a copy of Jim's privately published books and invited me over to check it out. Of course, i went to her house. She gave me some drinks while we searched her bookshelves for the book, but we never found it. I was 17 years old and she was probably in her mid 30's. I soon found out she had ulterior motives for inviting me to her house, but I got scared and left. LOL.

Thanks! And great story. Another couple to add -- I was working at a newspaper as a writer, and the photographer there said when he was a teenager he snuck into the Whisky A Go Go to see The Animals. He elbowed his friend and said, "I think Jim Morrison is sitting next to us." The friend didn't think it was Jim, since he had a huge beard, and they had never seen him with a beard before. Near the end of the show, Eric introduces Jim, and he came to the stage and sang a blues song, and they were blown away. 

Another story I have -- an old dude that's a concert promoter here in San Diego -- he would go to shows in town and get backstage passes and take photos. He took a bunch of The Doors, both backstage and from the crowd. I asked if I could buy them from him and he said yes, but he wasn't sure where they were. I asked him on a few other occassions, and he just yelled at me about how he has boxes and boxes of stuff, and he's not in a hurry to just go thru them all for me (so I stopped bugging him about those)

Thanks for sharing Josh. Those are great stories! I would have loved to attend shows at The Whiskey and Fillmore Stadiums back in the late 1960's. I hope your friend remembers the photos and gets back with you one day. That would be really cool to have for your collection.

Will Dalshire cover the cost of Grant Sperry? Will it be a full, professional forensic analysis with a report in accordance with ASQDE standards? What is his experience in collectible autograph authentication?

Grant Sperry is on LinkedIn. You can probably reach him through there or his website if he has one.

Here is his contact info:

Thank you, Chris. 

Hi Steve. Dalshire said they will cover the cost, but with caveats. He said if Grant deems my items to be fakes, Dalshire will cover the cost and give me a full refund. On the other side of the coin, if he deems it authentic, then I absorb the cost. Do you think I should engage Grant Sperry on this? The NY State AG already reached out to Dalshire, so I am not sure what to do with the items. I am thinking that somebody might want them as evidence.

No, because we don't know Grant Sperry's track record and reputation in collectible autographs. But if John House at Dalshire will send them to either PSA/DNA, JSA, BAS, or ACOA and they deem them authentic, I'll pay the cost.

He should be happy to do it. They charge $250 or less. A full forensic document examiner's report will likely cost over $1,000.

I agree.  No way would I trust any so-called Forensic Document Examiner.  No way!!!

They apparently recently made the same offer to someone else. I guess it’s their standard routine.


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