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Greetings. I was hoping to get some feedback from fellow Doors fans on two items I recently purchased. This was the first major purchase for my collection. Sadly, I think I was scammed.

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Awesome!!!  And, I'm gonna throw something at ya. IF...he does reach out and ask you to return the fakes, guess what? Say this, "You got it! But, you'll have to pay me $1,000 for shipping and handling, and all my time with this BS. Since I had to spend so much time, and stress, dealing with my bank. So, once I get that $1,000 from you, I'll send it back."

And guess what? You make a few dollars on the deal.

If he doesn't agree, what's he gonna do? Certainly not sue you, so...you get to keep the items.

That is a great idea Josh Board! It would certainly be fair to give him some of his own medicine. I wonder how much money he has made ripping people off over the years? I don't know how he can sleep at night.

Congrats, Dave! That really is awesome. I’m guessing that he would choose to let you keep them. I would value those items at about $50 plus the value of the frames.


This is a tad off topic for what we're discussing, but you know how we often tell people autographs are fake and we can tell that they were signed in the same hand? Well, if you look at this "13" album, one thing that also strikes me is this. Why in the world, would band members all sign in a small little section like that? Often times, the band members will sign right above their head. Or, an album like this, it has so much area that is light, and a black signature would show up nicely -- yet they would choose to all sign right on top of another signature? Another sign that it's fake. The only time I've ever seen a band all sign right on top of each other like that, is if it were a 45 picture sleeve



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