I’m very excited about my latest acquisition. A group signed 1964 UK concert program. Acquired from Perry Cox from his personal collection. An item that he has described as “truly the most aesthetically appealing Beatles signed item Ive seen“. I’m thrilled to be adding it to my collection. Will post a photo after I get it framed soon. 

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Congrats! one of the best I have seen.

Hall of Fame item! Should be in a museum. Congratulations!!

Where is my bottom jaw??????? This has to be one of the nicest if not THE NICEST piece of rock music autographs I have ever seen!!! Incredible piece! 

Marc,thats a really nice piece.allthe Sig's are perfect .congrats on a real show stopper!!

Thanks, everyone! I’m thrilled to have it.
Thanks for the feedback regarding framing and displaying. I absolutely understand why someone would choose to make a high resolutions copy to display or why someone would not be comfortable having them displayed due to security, fading or damage risks. The arguments make perfectly good sense and I applaud anyone’s choices in light of those concerns. For me personally, I wouldn’t be buying/collecting these items if I wasn’t regularly seeing and enjoying the original items. I’m not saying it‘s the right way or even the best way but it’s what makes me happy. I know that it will never be as safe as storing it away in a light tight fire proof safe but I try to do the next best thing while still displaying them. I use a skilled archival framer, using UV Museum glass, they are not always displayed but when they are I display them in a relatively low light area, and I have multiple layers of security. If something tragic did happen (heaven forbid), everything is insured.

That’s good to hear Marc,I have a lot of items in a jewelry safe but I also have at least 70%of my pieces framed in museum glass and hanging on walls.i feel the same I want to appreciate the original .the house has many security features and everything is insured .making copies and framing them never has been a thought.

what a nice item Marc, congratulations.

Too perfect for my taste... just kidding of course though perfection in both signature and placement is not my own no. 1 priority. For some strange reason I quite like "rushed" examples. Contrast and lack of fading is, on the other hand, certainly very important to me.

I agree 100% about enjoying the original. I couldn't get a "tingle down the spine" feeling getting close to a photocopy on the wall.

One thing I would say is that red is notorious for fading. It is probably the most sensitive colour of the lot. With that in mind I would be really careful where you hang this piece and for how long at a time. 



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