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You're awesome! Thanks so much.

You are welcome ! Form France :)

Brilliant thanks a lot.

You are welcome ! Form Paris 


If anyone's interested, there's still signed Metal Hammer bundles from this year and from previous years in stock on the website ;)

By the way these magazines RUUULLLEEEEEE!!!!

I snagged this without blinking, and also got the two Outburn magazine bundles from this week, was worth it \m/

Surprised this isn't sold out yet. I've ordered 200 copies already. 

I have bought 200 too, guess they have more than 250…

I'm sure it'll take 6 months to arrive. By then I'll have already put in my refund request. 

It only lets you have 20 of anything in your cart. I know because I tried to see how many were left. Got an error saying no more than 20 items in your cart.   But I'm kind of getting the feeling the inventory isn't real time.  That means possible cancellations. 

I mean, they didn't post it on facebook. The band hasn't posted it anywhere that I believe. Only on Instagram so far. 


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