did anybody else get that ozzy signed litho email just now?

this is what it said:

"Thank you for preordering the Deluxe Vinyl of “Ordinary Man”! Your order is about to ship and you will receive tracking information soon.

Please note, your free Limited Edition Ordinary Man album lithograph may arrive in less than mint condition. It has traveled the long road from being hand-signed by Ozzy, meeting up with your vinyl, all the way to your door.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support."

I responded right back to them and said..if this doesn't get to me in new/mint condition, it is going back and you are sending one that arrives to me in new/mint condition or i contest with my CC...I bought new items..not damaged items...they are trying to cover their own a**** over something they are not telling us about, imho..

I have gotten several signed lithos and NEVER have I gotten a BS  email like this, EVER..NOBODY DOES THAT!

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Yep. Got the same email. 

100% bs, imho...there is no excuse for that at all...

me too...

odd you didnt get that email?

I didn’t get that email either. Maybe it went to my junk email box. I’m hoping I don’t get a crushed poster.

Check your junk email - that's where mine ended up.

I got that same email. What kind of crap is this? If my litho is not in perfect condition I am returning it and disputing the credit card charges. 

Ozzy dogs might have chewed on one or two.

I had the same e mail too, thats pretty ridiculous, knowing they were damaged why didn't Ozzy / Ozzy's Management ask for some more to sign.... i ordered a couple so be interesting to see if they are damaged - if they are they can send some more or i'll do a Paypal Claimback 

I received the same email. Getting a refund wouldn't be the issue at this point. It's the fact that potentially getting something signed by him at this point could be very difficult considering his personal situation - especially if they come damaged.  What a waste and shame.  Was hoping to have nicely framed and put up on the wall. So, here's hoping it's at least decent.

I had tix to his show in July as well.  :-(

i hear ya and totally agree about is situation and all, but if this comes damaged to me, i am going to give them an ultimatum..they replace the damaged one with a non-damaged one or i open a dispute with my's that simple..

We didn't buy damaged items..we bought un-damaged items..there wasn't a drop down when i bought that gave me a choice for damaged or undamaged signed lithos...

I hope i don;t get that with the cd order I'm a little concerned how they wrote that e-mail notice they say FREE litho That might be their way out, I hope not,Bill



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