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Thanks but $60 uplift?!? 

Yeah these prices are a bit much. And Rob signs a lot of stuff he sells so his sig is everywhere. 

Ummmm I’ll take the book I got from Barnes & Noble that was signed for $65 less

Thanks just ordered 2 of those, hope they are signed by Rob!!

I'm pretty sure this is where I ordered mine a while back. Lost access to an old email address I always used so I cant verify. Mine turned out great but I think this was about 2 years ago. Strange to see them still available

I’ve messaged them to make sure, let’s see

They are signed. I bought a couple. I think in silver on the jacket. May be black. I also got a couple of these on CD from Newbury when it came out. Priest is one of my top 5 but the prices on these is just too far out there.

 Jason H Thank you for the post!

I pulled the trigger on this as for $15 you can't go wrong.

I bought two, one to keep and one to give as a Christmas present, since it's a Christmas LP.

It's supposedly signed in silver on the jacket, so let's hope all is good.

And Priest are in my Top 10 too damageinc777 ,I saw Halford open for Ozzy and he was great, also caught the Turbo tour way back in 1986!

I got one earlier in the year when they had a brief restock and yes it was signed on the jacket in silver. Looks really nice and I think you all will be happy with them. Especially at that price.

He's got a great sig.

Thanks for the nice message Joel S !!!



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