Signed Zeppelin Album...Robert Plant...Opinions Appreciated

Hey Guys, here are two Robert Plant signatures I could use your opinions on.  Thanks in advance.

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Top one (Zeppelin IV) is not authentic, IMO.   Bottom one is good and a nice, large example. 

These are from the same seller:

Of these two, I believe the signed Presence is authentic. The In Through the Out Door is questionable. It could be authentic, but it has enough that’s “off” to concern me.

I agree.  Doesn’t it seem strange how large these loops are?

The size size of the loop in Plant’s signature has changed a great deal over time. I have a very large, somewhat full signature from the early 90’s that has a big loop - much like these. For contrast, I have a smaller signature obtained in 2009 that has a much smaller, more oval-shaped loop. I wouldn’t base the opinion on authenticity solely on the loop in his signature. 

here’s a pic of the large, somewhat full signature from the early 90s that has a large loop. 

I guess what I am trying to compare when I say the loop is big, is that the R is small in comparison.  On your album, the loop is large, but so is the R.  Awesome album by the way, wish I had something with these three signatures.

All the Plant signatures posted are authentic. His loop seems to get bigger when he signs a few and wants to get them over with!

Agree, all look authentic. 

Richard, are you sure about the LZ IV signature at the very top?  I have concerns about it. Especially the weird transition from the R to the rest of the signature.  I’m also not comfortable with the shape of the R.  

That was the one I had my most concerns with.

I do know what you mean my friend with the R and the rest, but I believe that is also good. I’ve seen Plant sign a lot of signatures on tour and this could be attributed to either how the album was placed when starting to sign, or the last of a bunch he was given to sign and wanted out!



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