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$250 for a book or $1000 damn. I got 2 signed records cheaper than a book.

Do I want a Slash signed book for 250 dollars? Or do I want to pay my energy bill? But seriously,  had these been released before his last album and the numerous signed options I would probably have bitten ,  but not now and not in this economic climate.  They are predicting 18% inflation in the UK,  which means over 20% and it's going to be increasingly hard for artists to justify a 1000$ book release these days. 

I have a replica mini guitar signed by him that I bought for $170 like 2 years ago. Why is a book $250? Ridiculous. 

Personally, Id rather have a book at $250. One mans trash, as they say. There is a market for everything these days. Guitar freaks will love it.

I prefer the mini replica guitar. Everyone signs books these days. 

i was going to get it until i saw the price too. pass. it’s getting out of hand now. he isn’t dead . maybe he should talk to brian johnson and tell him at 25 he’s still making money lol 

A glossy coffee table-esque photo book of guitars isnt really the same as a generic hardback. I get what youre saying, but thats apples to oranges. Slash has sold signed merch much cheaper as has been testified to above. This is a high quality photo book for guitar nerds. And Id almost guarantee youre going to get a bigger, more beautiful graph here than you got on an art card for $15

I think the whole presale art card deal has spoiled alot of people into thinking everything should be cheap and mass produced.

At the end of the day, these people sign books to move units. They dont write books to sell autographs. 

Limited number, quality product aimed at a niche market. Maybe not for everyone, but def. for someone!

I actually completely agree. While this is not something I will be purchasing. I think people are completely disregarding the limited ability with the beautiful construction of the book. I don't think these are tailored to just the autograph collector, the autograph itself isn't just the justification of price. 

The same being purchasing a Newbury art card compared to an original Guns N Rose's LP. The item itself has value. 

Nailed it!

...The item itself has value....


But I note there isn't a word on paper weight, type, binding materials or construction, calfskin or gold leafed edges etc.. It is certainly not archival or they would say so. I'd like to know where it is being printed and by who with what for $250 and certainly $1000.

The more i think about it, I feel this same way too.. off the bat, this does seem high.. Renegades was $500 for Springsteen and Obama.. but we don't know how many they actually produced. Assuming a similar sized book would command $250 a signature of their magnitude.. although at its lowest was $330ish total for a brief moment.  However, Slash is known for some great stuff and its hard to compare a pure guitarist to the Boss or a president..  He is considered one of the best guitarists of all time. Comparing Clapton to Springsteen for example wouldn't be fair. However, I do rank many other guitarist higher than Slash. If Nuno Bettencourt came out with a similar book, I would only expect to pay $100 and would happily do so.. at $250, id laugh and move on. So why is this ok for Slash? He is definitely the superior guitarist in popularity but not so much for skill. He is using his popularity in this case and appealing to his diehard fanbase. This item isn't for me, but Slash knows there are people out there who will buy it. But now the real question, if this is so, how is slash any different than a RHCP reseller scum? HAZAAA!!! (Facetious)


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