I'm not home but jf someone wants to check slipknots website and add the link they have some signed cds, I'm gonna pass because I think they are each just signed by one random member. 

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Those are sold out.

Oh sorry, just got the email on it and not home so didn't realize they sold out already.  I also would have passed anyway since I know what  I Corey's one letter signature looks like

Sold out before the email even went out

Anyone has the link? 

Maybe they aren't live yet--did anyone actually buy one?

That sucks been checking all day,and it's my birthday

Popped up as available again and sold out again while checking out…gonna keep trying!  

Email went out at 2:18. Sold out at 2:18

Argghh I want one

Yeah just got home and sorry about this bogus post, I checked the website when I saw the email and thought I saw them in stock but if they were it must have just been for a second. I see people on Twitter freaking out about missing these and I was just wondering if I'm the only one who wasn't that excited about getting a Cd that's signed by one random member from a band that has 9 members, not to mention that if you get lucky and get the main guy you are just going to get a quick C for a signature. I would love one signed by the whole band but don't feel bad at all about missing these.   

Signed by a random member means signed by Clown. 


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