Sports Forgeries eBay seller paus745 THE AUTO SCOUTS AGAIN

Here is yet another new eBay ID slanging cheap horrific "The Auto Scouts" forgeries. This is eBay seller paus745 

Take a look at these JUNK fakes, I love how eBay seller paus745 says "I WILL INCLUDE A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY OF MY DESIGN WITH EVERY ITEM " LMAO. a.k.a "I will print off a worthless certificate using Microsoft Word that will make you feel comfortable while I steal your money"

Pure garbage:

Laughable Kersh:

Laughable Pujols:

Horrible Harper:

Crap Pedroia:

Almost pooped Cabrera:

Bad Trout:

Basically every star you could ever imagine on a $2 ball with a homemade COA!!! Report this scammer. 

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Someone paid $35 for this Peyton Manning forgery sold by eBay seller paus745 LOL

And $16 for this Lebron forgery... Really, you think you got a real Lebron autograph for $16?

More deviations of auto scout garbage. They put a real one every five listings to look legit.

This is his one of his 'auto scout' main sneekys with a good mix of 1 out of 10 listings legit, the rest garbage. Plus there are the footballs, hockey pucks, jerseys, photos sick!

Looks like the items were removed and immediately re-listed. They are ending soon:

$55 for this, the entire lot ending within the next hour. Unbelievable:



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