Hello there! I have a nice Springsteen item that I would be interested in getting your opinions of. I have a Born to Run album that was signed during rehearsals for The Rising tour so includes signatures from Patti Scailfa and Soozie Tyrell as well as everyone else involved at that time. The album is old and kinda scuffed and three of the autographs were addressed to me by name. Im not sure if it is worth anything, or perhaps if one day it might be. It was valued at approximately 1000 pounds by a London auctioneer about 10 years ago. It does have sentimental value but at the same time it just sits in the bottom of my sock drawer year in and year out and sometimes I think I should just pass it on to someone who might appreciate it. I was told that Springsteen autographs are hard to come by but after a brief look online Im not sure that is correct. Anyway, any advice, thoughts, opinions, would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Springsteen is my wifes favorite, so I'd be interested in buying it. Could you post a photo? And no...SPringsteen signs all the time, so his autograph is an easy one to get. Also, the personalization makes it worth a bit less, not to mention, people signing it that aren't on that album. But it's a great album, and it's got his signature, so it has a bit of value. I'm guessing if you put it on ebay or went to an auction house...you could possibly get $400 for it, maybe up to $700. But...to me, you should keep it for the sentimental value instead of a few hundred bucks.

Born in the Usa!

Hi Josh and thank you for your advice! I thought that the value would be less as it is personalized - I guess I just need to start looking for someone called 'Stephanie' to buy it from me! :)  I may explore selling it, or I may not. Posting here is the first step I have taken in seeing if it is considered sellable and to perhaps get some idea of its worth. Im thrilled so many people replied - have had a few private messages also - its nice to see such an appreciation.

Where is the photo of it?  
Impossible to determine value without it. 

That is a really really awsome piece worth much much more then a regular signed album in my opinion.

Thank you for replying and I am loving seeing these positive comments from the community here. Its great to see that perhaps it has some worth and this is an avenue I may explore further. For now its just good to know that there is some interest and what I have is a nice piece. Thanks Patrick!

Thank you all for the replies. As you can see from the images the album is quite ratty looking!! Anyway I was just curious about it really. It has been stashed away for 15 years or so and Im not quite sure what to do with it.

Born to Run with full band sigs? Its worth more than you think it is!

Awesome!! I was thinking 25k so this is fantastic news. :) JK! Thank you for replying and letting me know the album is actually worth something. I appreciate it very much.

For context, the album was signed by the band a few days before this listening party night at The Stone Pony. According to Soozie Tyrell it was the first time she had ever signed her name along with members of the E Street Band, which tickled her no end! :)

Thats very, very cool! I would hold onto it, personally, unless you really need the money. Kids? Grandkids? 




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