I really hate to beat a dead horse but I know you guys have gotten a lot of discussions about this my girlfriend just bought this off of ebay for me and while I have a lot of Stan Lee autographs I'm wondering whether this one is actually legit it looks good but it doesn't look as rushed as he usually signs and that's got me concerned what do you guys think thanks for the help

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I have significant doubts about this. Clumsy S... drawn on uptick on T... too small.

BUT at the same token the john romita sig on the same book is very very authentic i've seen 100's of them 

why paste a fake stan sig on a mediocre priced comic with a real romita sig?? doesn't make any sense

To squeeze a few more bucks out of it. Never underestimate greed. I've seen more crazy stunts than I care to count. 

i'm sending it to CBCS comics tomorrow to have it verified 

i've seena lot of strange stan sigs that turned out to be real but this one just looks to small and looks like someone took their time to get it right 

but again.....i may be wrong 

Let us know what they say... my money is on fake. Sorry. :-)

his ebay name is collectorsalleyusa

here's a link to his page.....sells "art" that he can never provide proof for!!

SPREAD THE WORD!! if you notice on EVERY ONE OF HIS LISTINGS there's always a story about where he got this from and that's why he has no proof that they're con artist!!

This is not real

That's an awful fake

Did you give him the negative feedback on a Stan Lee? Cant see the whole John Romita ( who I consider the best Spidey artist, 2nd Ditko). I don't like that Lee either, very abnormal, or atypical here.

DEF gave negative feedback!! 

here's the Romita 

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