I'd like to know how much this type of material goes for in price? I know it's accurate because it was signed by Stan Lee at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.

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Wow first of all I DONT want to buy your item ! Secondly I gave you my opinion on what I thought it was worth, thirdly when I mentioned that I would prefer a different graph I was speaking for most collectors as (they)  most likely would agree that the signed item you have is not a preferred signature, I’m not sure how much more simple I could explain it, 

good day be well 

Rather unusual baseline, no? The "e"'s are considerably larger then the "a" - that seems odd as well.The underline goes from left to right - that is unusual, and it is not connected as usual. Can anyone speak to the signing angle or legibility? It is best IMO to have a typical strong signature. This whole signature seems off.

Agreed Eric,  but she says it was signed at a sit down signing in 2007, I was only offering her an opinion on value and I also mentioned that I prefer a more typical signature, she took it as though I wanted to purchase it when in fact I wouldn’t purchase it for any price, not trying to be rude I just know what I like and what I would be happy with  to add to my collection, I assume most knowledgeable collectors would agree with that statement, it was (as she states) signed at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con and she also states the signature is clearly authentic and so obvious...  when to me personally it’s NOT! In fact the more I hear about it the less I like, of course that’s just my opinion but I also stand by it, 

I agree - it is not one I would want either. The only thing obvious to me is that it is very atypical from what I have seen. The underline going left to right is pretty odd, no? 

In this 2019 link below Kammie is trying to buy the Lee and a Farrah Fawcett...that is the same Lee, no?? I thought it was from Comic-Con in 2007? But she is asking what is a good offer for these ITEMS, meaning all...Farrah is shown and the Lee you click on...it is the last of two, $425, and it states that date and location are written on the back. Hmmm...

Stan Lee and F. Fawcett - Kammie asking for how much to offer....

"...Who thinks what these items should be actually worth? So I can make an intelligent offer ?  As I couldn't put everything on one picture I put the other two links separately...." - Kammie 6/19

This is the item she is asking about. She says she got it signed in person in 2007 in front of her? Why was she trying to buy it last year? Something seems very wrong here.

Kammie, you got the Stan Lee IP 12 years before you tried to buy it? How does that work?

Good work Eric

Thanks :)

Like I said the more I heard about the item the less I liked it, she told me it was signed In front of her in 2007 lol now thanks to Eric we know she wanted to purchase it just months ago lol.. you can’t make this stuff up, it’s comical and 


Apparently she has her own authenticating business as well 



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