I'd like to know how much this type of material goes for in price? I know it's accurate because it was signed by Stan Lee at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.

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CobraCareBear. Hello!! Same as Kammie's. I knew I saw this forgery handwriting before. Almost every line starts or ends incorrectly start to finish.


A $40 opener and not one bidder yet. And Kammie got $300 for her obvious, wretched forgery, almost identical to this one? Yeah, right!  lol

Are you saying CobraCareBear got it wrong?!?!

As astronomically implausible the mere inference that they are wrong sounds; why, yes! The track screams for itself. It's so bad that if you're a Lee guy, this forgery has an effect like Voodoo. You wince looking at it, like if someone stuck a pin in an effigy of you! lol

And will wonders never cease? What a coincidence! Already a thread about CobraCareForgeries on this forum:


And if Kammie contends that she got her piece signed in front of her at SDCC in 2007, she's an outright liar. The circle is complete. This thread is clean!

Remember. To make something clean, something else has to get dirty. But you can make everything dirty without ever making anything clean.

Kammie's whole story, start to finish, typifies the latter part of that adage and stinks to high Heaven, as does that asinine forgery.. She's probably part of their crew. I rest my case.

Thank you woody and Steve Z it’s been frustrating to say the least dealing with someone who just couldn’t/wouldn’t understand why I had a problem with the signature and scolded me when I questioned the authenticity stating she got it signed a dozen years ago in person, Eric was able to research her old post several months ago asking the forum how much should she bid on it? So in other words ( she went to comic con San Diego in 2007 and seen this item get signed in front of her and has been negotiating for a better deal with the seller for the past 12 years,) not to mention she owns her own authentication business, 

you honestly can’t make this stuff up, 

With that butt-clenching horrific forgery plastered across it, the poster belongs in the garbage, along with any COA mock up. Any authenticator who would OK that as a Stan Lee signature should be selling kitchen tables instead of forging on one. Does this Royal Shaft authentication service issue COAs for anything other than their own inventory? And we all knew the Lee was NG from the start. We were being tolerant, wondering which of us was going to finally point and show Kammie the way to San Jose.

Couldn’t agree more! 


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