Star trek original cast photos: are the signatures real or fake?

Just wondering if some of the more experienced members who collect Star trek autographs could take a look at this item ( see links) and whether there are any issues with the signatures. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.








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Sorry, these are all very poor forgeries.

Here is most of my vintage set for comparison although these are earlier styles course (1968-1974). These are the earliest in character I could find. Three are signed in character as well.

Click for full image:

I thought as much, which is why I decided not to buy it even though the seller assured me it was authentic, and probably why it was offered at a price 'too good to be true'.  Your collection is fantastic and great for comparison purposes. 

Thanks heaps for your assistance.



Thank you. I authenticated them myself and paid a very little back in the early days of eBay. Much less than the cost of a Nimoy today. :) I might have a spare vintage Kelley if interested.

Atypical.  It is possible that the seller is not even aware.  “All sales final” is a definite red flag, even if it was the policy of the estate sale.  It should not apply to autographs.


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