Sting and Shaggy - 44/876 - Deluxe CD + Autographed Lithograph 39.99 Euros + shipping.

Shipping is a bit pricy to the U.S.  But maybe worth it for some to get a legit Sting and Shaggy signed litho.

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Did anyone else order this? Just got mine today and of course the signed lithograph was not included. I emailed them to see what’s going on so just curious if this happened to others. 

When I ordered the Korn vinyl from them the same thing happened…

Same for me !

But got it 5 days after complaining to Vinylcollector ! Great service !!

Received mine today and of course no signed lithograph. Second time, this company has done this to me. First with Korn Requiem and now with Shaggy + Sting. 

Hopefully you have better luck with customer service than me. I’ve been going back and forth with them all week. Told me to send pics of the packaging/contents which I did. No response. Then I get canned email asking how well they did in resolving my issue. So I responded it’s not resolved and ask what’s going on. Then they claim they never got pics. So I resent pics and am now waiting. Quite the hassle so far 

I got my 2 CDs with no lithographs.  I emailed them. I got the "send pictures" response.  I sent them and they have admitted the error and have sent the missing lithos. and provided a tracking number.  I still have a Def Leppard pre-order with them.  I'm nervous as to whether they'll fulfill that correctly. I may order from talkshoplive for that one too-just to cover my bases.

Got the same email too. This isn’t the first time they have done this to me. The Korn Requiem CDs they did the same thing happened arrived with no signed cards…unbelievable!

Did they make good on the Korn signed card(s)?

Yes, but it’s just an inconvenience and now with it happening a second time, I don’t want to do business with them again. 

Unfortunately, they seem to get items not available elsewhere. 

Just got my shipment. No litho with the CD either. Did anyone get anyone one or have one on the way? I haven’t yet opened the deluxe box. Could it be a signed art card inside?

I got mine without the litho.  I opened a ticket through the website for the missing item.  They had me send photos of the shipping box and contents.   I got a fairly quick response from them that the missing litho was being sent and they provided a tracking number. Now I'm just waiting for it to get from France to Middle America.


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