Could somebody guide me about authenticity of this signed Sting lithograph?

Looking to purchase but I need your expertise. Thanks.

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Currently available on Amazon for just $39!!!

  • This edition is limited to 1,500 signed impressions, most of which were acquired by collectors during the summer of Sting's Mercury Falling tour in 1996
  • This is the only limited lithograph edition ever authorized and autographed by Sting
  • Each lithograph in this 1996 limited edition is personally autographed by the world renowned singer/songwriter STING.
  • The number of the lithograph you will be purchasing will be from #1286/1500
  • Each lithograph in the edition is printed on museum-quality Quintecense paper and measures 32x24" unframed

Thanks.  Are you the seller?

No...but at this price, as Ian says, jump on it and quickly...

At 39 bucks, and not a copy, jump on it!

I don't know where these come from but I just bought one on ebay. $34.50 including shipping. 

Did you already receive it? How was it?

Hopefully it came in a tube.

I just ordered it today. There was an interesting twist. This seller had these signed lithos listed twice. One for $34.50 delivered. Another listing for this same signed litho at $69 delivered.

We will see how this works out. I have buyer protection so all is fine.

I saw it. Actually the way the he's listing it is 'buy 1 for $34.50' or 'buy 2 for $69'. He probably had his hands on a whole bunch of them. 

Jorge, we both have it wrong! It's one for $34.50 or three for $69! I missed up and should have bought the three!!!!

I guess Sting must not have sold many of these back in '96 while on tour? Interesting.

Ha! just noticed. I find it odd that they are coming to light 23 years later. Somebody had to buy these by the lot.

I'd say someone ran into these is storage somewhere. We'll see.

I just noticed that he jacked up the price to $64.50 for 1 litho.  He's probably running out.


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